Bits of Institutional Memory

27 Jan 2002
Today I realized that I should put the various documents I've produced in the last couple of months in one place, since they are all part of a developing something, not yet completely defined:

Sabbatical Plan (26 Nov 2001)

Managing Spatial Information on ACS Campuses (7 Dec 2001)

KnowledgeBase (20 Dec 2001)

ODTAA (8 Jan 2002)

A Plan for 2002-2003 (21 Jan 2002)

Building a Web-based collaborative environment for the Brazil Consortium and summary for prospective participants (21 Jan 2002)

Building the infrastructure to support ArcGIS at Washington & Lee (26 Jan 2002)

11 Feb
There may be a Next Big Step in the works, a crystallization of much of the above. It's probably useful to transcribe my written summaries of thoughts from the weekend, and some fragments two weeks later.

28 Feb
A reorganization of those pieces

1 April
A lot of the recent struggles in and around a proposal to the Hewlett Foundation, the most 'complete' bits being draft 17iii and summary 29iii. At the moment, neither is very satisfying.