The Liberty menu is the key to electronic resources:

All students and many faculty and staff have Liberty accounts, and Liberty provides easy access to a broad spectrum of local and remote resources. Basic skills are easily acquired, and Reference Librarians and University Computing personnel will be glad to assist with more complicated problems.

You can move through this lynx-based guide using

You can e-mail a document to yourself while using lynx by hitting the p key ('print'), choosing the e-mail option, and typing an e-mail address (viz: as the destination.

Here's the Liberty menu as it appears when you login:

1. W&L Campus Information System 
     Internet and other research tools, library catalogs, campus 
     directories and calendars, Liberty Guide, other information

2. Commercial Databases
     Connect to UnCover, FirstSearch, and Lexis/Nexis

3. Electronic Mail
     The PINE e-mail system (check here before your first message)

4. Usenet Newsreader
     The TIN News Reader

5. Liberty Functions
     UNIX, file editor, change your password, check disk space limits, 
     statement of acceptable network use, choose student printer
99. Logoff

Some other useful material: