Rockbridge area horticulture

10 May 2000
A visit from Katherine Smith to request that I meet with Master Gardeners to tell them about resources in and not-in our library --botanical and horticultural, especially having to do with plants that grow happily in this region.

ANNIE is W&L's online catalog

In the QK area of the stacks (on the lower level of the Science Library) you'll find books on botantical subjects (QK190 for Floras), and SB is the area containing most of the 'Plant Culture' (Horticulture, Gardens, etc.) books. We have more than 900 of the latter, 133 of which were added since 1996.

Here's a list of important items in the Reference section, on the main level of the Science Library.

And we have the magazine Horticulture since 1965 (back issues on the upper level of the Science Library, current issues on the main level)

useful to web sites:

Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association
West Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association
Virginia Nurserymen's Association
Virginia Cooperative Extension: Landscape & Nursery
Native Plants for Conservation, Restoration and Landscaping (Virginia Natural Heritage Program)
Virginia Cooperative Extension and their Horticulture Update newsletter
Horticultural links all over the US
Gardenscape's list of Societies and Organizations
Virginia Native Plant Society and their Nursery sources of native plants listings
Flora Associations and Societies
Virginia Tech Horticulture Gardens

Several links contributed by Linda Davis, most from Washington Post:

Soil FoodWeb Inc. ("Soil Microbiology, Soil Ecology, Farming, Orchards, Golf/Turf, Nursery/Landscape, Forestry, Lawn and Garden")
Cornell Landscape Horticulture Industry site
University of Delaware Cooperative Extension
Ohio State Horticulture and Crop Science
Come Into My Garden (Tom Robb)
Ask Mrs. Grow-It-All
Rot Web (composting)
The Wild Ones Handbook ("A Voice for the Natural Landscaping Movement")
The Bug Store (beneficial insects)
Dr. James Duke on herbs
Herb World
Grand Prairie Friends (native plant societies list)
Pets' Pond Page (Pete Orelup on ponds)
Internet Pond Society
And a very nice compilation of pointers to resources on Botany ("putting names and faces to botany information", by Lori Bronars and Anne Prestamo, from College and Research Libraries News

Some of our holdings of gardening and horticultural books, sorted by call number and by publication date