The Sciences at W&L: introduction and history

Here I'll gather materials for a weblet aimed at the Science Center dedication and at the 250th celebration. Just what should be included isn't clear yet, though historical sketches of facilities and people are likely candidates. Perhaps an album of images? Depends on what's in the Archives I suppose. Some sort of history of RE Lee research? Collections, like the Physics Museum, the various stuffed things in Biology? And facilities like the NMR and whatever it is that Geology has? Current research of present-day faculty? It's easy enough to start with [Alas, this no longer works, but I leave the links here to remind myself that it once did]
A graphic presentation of these chronological data (with many thanks to Jeff Knudson!):
19th century science presents some interesting challenges, and W&L has an interesting array of potential resources. In 1995 I explored the Chemistry holdings, and I've just extracted the pre-1900 Geology catalog records. I'm not sure how to turn these into really useful resources, but a beginning has proved interesting.