The Accumulator
(This page is of historical interest only. The scheme articulated here was further developed in summer 2002 as Pirarucu, and elaborated in early 2003 by Skip's development of SnipIt.)

2 June 2001
I've been thinking about a means to provide an easy interface for a Database to handle the gathering and then organizing and maintaining the gallimaufry of citations and references and URLs and bits of thought that tumble through wetware. There's a  mailto form that serves for the moment as a preliminary to the building of an .asp/Access version.

18 June
Last week I messed with .asp with Tom and Skip's help and built a prototype via personal web server for a Science Reference management tool:

I think this is probably generalizable in a number of ways, one being Skip's idea for 'Penny Drops':

Let me elaborate on this the wonderful idea of a 'penny drops' web page.  you know... 'every once a penny drops and I have a good idea'  that's the kind of penny drop I'm referring to.  The penny drop interface that you have been designing for the science library meets this description.  Got a good idea? drop it on a web page, got a bit of information? drop it.  Spruce this interface up with a method to add images and wee wow!  Online journal, collaboration tool, common place book.  The secret here is to add the 'pennys' to an HTML page instead of a database, making them visible to search engines. (15 June)
I've been working on but it hangs with
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Error in row
/accumulator/cache.asp, line 44
Probably something very obvious...

19 June
Yup. At the moment both work so long as all fields are filled in. If one isn't there's an error message:

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Error in row
...which suggests that something has to allow null value for a field.

Tom helped out with relevant code:

if not(strEmail="") then
 objRec("Email") = strEmail
end if
and now they work

27 June
Both cache and ref versions are now working, thanks to Skip's help...