this is the Old Home Page... the New One is probably where you want to be

I was W&L's webweenie during the early years of our Web development, but I didn't get around to making my very own home page for a few years. I'm still somewhat dubious about the medium, and the message too. It's hard to choose amongst the things I might put onto such a page: our 33 1/3 [vinyl, or long playing] Anniversary (that was now several years ago, but the tales told are still fairly current) ? personal enthusiasms that I'd like to reveal to all comers ? Personal history (not just yet...) ? Links to irreverent things that I happen to be amused by (tempting, but somewhat fraught...) ? Current work? The (now no longer quite so) new vehicle? Home? The hiking vacations and Nova Scotia trips we take every year ? Dictionaries? Favorite quotations? Some genealogical explorations? Some purloined gifs? The Saga of the Stove Wicks? And anyway, what's a homepage really all about? Is it supposed to inform others, or impress them, or amuse them? And just how flashy is it necessary to be, given that the essences of flash change from month to month, and an untended homepage rapidly becomes vieux jeu.

Here's a link to a more or less current Curriculum Vitae, a link to some (somewhat outdated ) information about my professional self, left over from my application for reappointment, and predating my appointment as Science Librarian, and another to some examples of the work I've done using this medium. And I also used the medium to put together some parts of my tenure file.

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Horace Miner's "Body ritual among the Nacirema"