Hiking vacations

Perhaps 'vacation' isn't quite the right word. We've been day-hiking the Appalachian Trail since September 1992, inching our way north and south. In August 2001 we've stepped into every state but Georgia, and Betsy has completed more than 80% (I'm somewhere in the low 70%s myself, missing parts of NH and VT and some miles in TN that she did years ago). This year we crossed into Maine and completed the Mahoosuc Range, including the infamous Mahoosuc Notch . Dartmouth's White Mountains site has some nice images and useful links.

We're brewing a scheme to finish the AT in Fall 2002, insh'allah...

April 2003 update:
We DID finish Maine in August 2002, and a few days ago finished Georgia too. Still some bits left in the Smokies for both of us, and in NH/VT for me, but it says here that we'll be DONE by mid-August...

and sure enough Betsy finished in the Smokies in July, and I on August 28th in New Hampshire!

27 Sept 2005: Laura Johnson's piece on Yahoo Directory, and a larger version of the picture