Rescued 1xi23: files from that it's interesting to revisit (chronological order)

with Daniel at Horton Landing more ca. 1999

Maps of lynchings? (2000)

Mahoosuc Notch (2001)

5 year plan 2004-2009

Personal narrative tracing professional growth in teaching, intellectual activity and achievement, and academic citizenship over previous 5 years

A summary of activities and directions 2002

... a summary of my views of why and whither, six weeks before my departure on sabbatical leave for the fall term, written at the request of an incoming President

Infospace (2005)

Instructional technology (ca. 2005)

Web Legacy and Web history (2005)

Citation on the Occasion of His Retirement, 2005

Early June 2005 summary

Posada (2005)

logfiles timeline 2006 and logfiles 2007 (from oookblog)

Humbead's Maps (2007)

re: Yoga Practice? (2007)

Devil Stuff: a page about Chlorine

A list of books read during 2006, the first year or so of Retirement

Bill's Questions what I was up to in 2007

preparing the Good Tern show (2011)

State of the Art (2011)

Books mentioned in Jo Walton's Among Others (2011)

my wandering pathways in the use of computers (2013)

Spotify playlists (from 2013)

Portfolio for David Hagerman (2013)

reading (2014)

Assembling the Metanarrative (2014)

Thinking about Writing, and Writing about Thinking about... (2014)

Jung: A Very Short Introduction 2019 extracts