Books mentioned in Jo Walton's Among Others (I might eventually add commentary and other links to this table)

Adams Douglas Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Anderson Poul Ensign Flandry
Anderson Poul The Broken Sword
Anderson Poul Guardians of Time
Anthony Piers Vicinity Cluster
Anthony Piers Chaining the Lady
Anthony Piers A Spell for Chameleon
Asimov Isaac The End of Eternity
Boyd John Last Starship From Earth
Bradley Marion Zimmer The Spell Sword
Brunner John Shockwave Rider
Brunner John Stand on Zanzibar
Brunner John Telepathist
Brunner John Times Without Number
Cherryh CJ Gate of Ivrel
Clarke Arthur C Imperial Earth
Clarke Arthur C Childhood's End
Clarke Arthur C 2001
Clarke Arthur C Imperial Earth
Clement Hal Mission of Gravity
Coney Michael Charisma
Cooper Susan The Dark is Rising
Cooper Susan The Grey King
Cooper Susan Silver on the Tree
Delaney Samuel R Empire Star
Delany Samuel R Triton
Delany Samuel R Babel 17
Delany Samuel R The Einstein Intersection
Dick Philip K The Man in the High Castle
Eliot TS Four Quartets
Engdahl Sylvia Heritage of the Star
Engdahl Sylvia Beyond the Tomorrow Mountains
Fisk Nicholas Space Hostages
Fowles John The Magus
Garner Alan Red Shift
Garrett Randall Too Many Magicians
Hardy Thomas Far From the Madding Crowd
Harrison Harry Make Room! Make Room!
Heinlein Robert Have Spacesuit Will Travel
Heinlein Robert Time Enough for Love
Heinlein Robert Glory Road
Heinlein Robert Waldo and Magic Inc.
Heinlein Robert Citizen of the Galaxy
Heinlein Robert The Number of the Beast
Heinlein Robert The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Heinlein Robert Starship Troopers
Henderson Zenna Pilgrimage
Herbert Frank Dune
Hughes Ted Crow
Huxley Aldous Brave New World
Kerr Judith When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Kitto HDF The Greeks
Le Guin Ursula The Wind's Twelve Quarters
Le Guin Ursula The Lathe of Heaven
Le Guin Ursula City of Illusions
Le Guin Ursula A Wizard of Earthsea
Le Guin Ursula The Dispossessed
LeGuin Ursula The Word for World is Forest
LeGuin Ursula Left Hand of Darkness
Lewis CS Out of the Silent Planet
Lewis CS The Last Battle
Lewis CS Prince Caspian
Marx Karl The Communist Manifesto
McCaffrey Anne Dragonquest
McCaffrey Anne Weyr Search
McCaffrey Anne Dragonflight
McCaffrey Anne Dragonsinger
McCaffrey Anne Dragonsong
Miller Walter M. A Canticle for Leibowitz
Niven Larry The Flight of the Horse
Niven Larry Ringworld
Niven Larry A gift from Earth
Niven Larry World of Ptaavs
Niven and Jerry Pournelle Larry The Mote in God's Eye
Piper H. Beam Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen
Plato Symposium
Plato Republic
Plato The Laws
Plato Phaedrus
Priest Christopher A Dream of Wessex
Priest Christopher Inverted World
Renault Mary The Bull from the Sea
Renault Mary The Charioteer
Renault Mary Purposes of Love
Renault Mary The Last of the Wine
Renault Mary Return to Night
Renault Mary The Persian Boy
Roberts Keith Pavane
RobinsonSpider Telempath
Robison Spider Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
Shakespeare William The Tempest
Shute Nevil An Old Captivity
Silverberg Robert Dying Inside
Silverberg Robert Up The Line
Silverberg Robert Born With the Dead
Silverberg Robert Stepsons of Terra
Silverberg Robert The World Inside
Silverberg Robert Dying Inside
SilverbergRobert Up the Line
Simak Clifford City
Smith Dodie I Capture the Castle
Smith Dodie The Starlight Barking
Stewart Mary The Crystal Cave
Sturgeon Theodore A Touch of Strange
Tey Josephine Daughter of Time
Tey Josephine Brat Farrar
Tiptree James Warm Worlds and Otherwise
Tolkien JRR Lord of the Rings
Vonnegut Kurt God Bless You Mr. Rosewater
Vonnegut Kurt Cat's Cradle
Vonnegut Kurt Breakfast of Champions
Vonnegut Kurt Welcome to the Monkey House
Vonnegut Kurt Sirens of Titan
Wyndham John The Chrysalids
ZelaznyRoger Roadmarks
Zelazny Roger Creatures of Light and Darkness
Zelazny Roger Nine Princes in Amber
Zelazny Roger The Guns of Avalon
Zelazny Roger Nine Princes in Amber
Zelazny Roger Sign of the Unicorn
Zelazny Roger The Dream Master
Zelazny Roger Doorways in the Sand " (Amazon reviewer: like taking a course in philosophy while crawling about between the gargoyles on the cathedral of Life, dodging the slings and death-rays of outrageous villains, some of them bug-eyed monsters...)"
Zelazny Roger Creatures of Light and Darkness
Zelazny Roger Isle of the Dead
Zelazny Roger This Immortal
Zelazny Roger Sign of the Unicorn
Zelazny Roger Isle of the Dead
?? Voyage to Alpha Centauri [??Journey to?? John W Macvey]