24 Nov 1999
In reorganizing /giswork/ to make it less unwieldy, I've nipped off the collection of links in August 1999, just after my trip to GIS Boot Camp. The earlier ones are at this location... and still need pruning and reorganization, but do serve the function of recording the order of discovery.

beginnings of an odyssey with data for the Lexington quad and nearby stuff

13 August
Just back from 5 days of GIS Boot Camp at Trinity (in San Antonio), and faced with the task of digesting what I learned into a coherent summary. In brief, my hopes for GIS are several times grander. Some action items:

19 August
Something has to be done to get the organization stuff started. Storing and serving is the essence of what we're trying to accomplish.

I decided to try to extract Latin America from the world map of administrative regions and documented the process. And I started one on mosaicking (sic!) raster images, but ran into some difficulties that still need to be worked out...

Northwest Indiana On-Line GIS User Community (a nice example of a regional summary)

20 Aug
A basic tutorial, using world health data.

24 Aug 1999
Three suggestions of useful geography/cartography sites from Mary Barrett:

CCTP Welcome Page (http://www.ncgia.ucsb.edu/education/curricula/cctp/welcome.html)

The Geographer's Craft Project - Main Page (http:www.utexas.edu/depts/grg/gcraft/contents.htm)

The Geography Virtual Department (http://www.utexas.edu/depts/grg/virtdept/main.htm)

25 Aug
Geospatial Support Staff Metadata Tutorial

Spatial Online for ArcView (try out/buy extensions)

9 Sept
Clark University Map Library

5 Nov
GIS Cabal to begin to spread ArcView skills to faculty and administrative users

9 Nov
a collection of GIS tutorials I've written in the past few months

22 November
Antarctica RADARSAT images and ImageWall generally

Second International Workshop on Geomedical Systems

24 Nov
Mapping the Path to Problem Solving (Thomas Rich) --National Institute of Justice Journal, Oct 99, on GIS in criminology

A search for a lost link via the string 'GIS user community' led me to some useful bits:

Cognitive Spaces and Metaphors: A Solution for Interacting with Spatial Data (Nelson Neves et al.)

Arc/INFO Support Materials from Univ Leicester

Framework Datasets for National Spatial Data Infrastructure (which seeks to address the question of what basic data would be most useful for a wide range of users)

We have already defined framework data sets as valuable because they serve as the foundation for a wide range of activities. For example, the national geodetic framework is valuable because it allows many users in a wide variety of applications to determine the position of geographic features by measuring with respect to accurately established monuments. Topographic maps often perform a similar function, but at a different level of accuracy.
There's also stuff about metadata and a clearinghouse that one should have known about...

searching the Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

17 December
Earth Satellite Corporation ... LANDSAT coverage, mosaics, etc. Pricy.

Saylor's Remote Sensing Hut (links to various services)


Mark Healey's World Regional Map Sites

21 Dec
GIS Resources from U. Wisconsin (reached via the Florida Data Directory)

Some talk of a GIS server for ACS institutions.

2 Feb 2000
Made a page of Interface examples for Kimberly Cass's class

3 Feb
beginnings of stuff summarizing TIGER files (pretty scanty so far...)

11 Feb
On the brink of departure for California... I need to start a collection (including a web gallery) of examples of innovative teaching and research using maps and GIS, in all sorts of disciplines, to serve as catalog and inspiration for people who are beginning to think that they might want to start working in those directions. And need to recruit others to do likewise. I don't know of any such, though there must be relevant bits of summary and research that would qualify. And it's important to start thinking of the interface for such a gallery --these log lists are OK for rough and ready, but really don't cut it for presentation.