GIS Cabal

5 Nov 1999
In an effort to figure out the next steps for GIS development and promulgation, John Blackburn and Morris Trimmer and I got together to plot a GIS Pilot Group project for Winter 2000 --a group of potential users to provide with relevant datasets, training, support. The projects they produce would serve as examples pour encourager les autres, and also teach us about the practical difficulties of doing training and support on a larger scale.

I began with an AltaVista search for 'costa rica near gis', immediately found bunches of data, and talked to John Knox... maybe Frank Stearns... The La Selva GIS Laboratory page tells interesting tales, though it looks like the data aren't directly available via the web. See a few links to Costa Rica GIS resources for more.

23 Nov
I have the La Selva datasets (on my D:\ drive), and