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20 April 2001
It's time to update and reorganize my GIS summary pages and move the main interface to another server. This material will stay here because so many links point to it, but the apical meristem of the enterprise can be found at

9 March 1999
I began this weblet more than a year ago, and collected a lot of links and comments (continued here from Aug '99) as I gathered information and started working with ArcView. Events of the last few weeks have moved me quite far along the GIS Weeniedom Curve. I'll use this page to record 'current work' as it happens. A summary I wrote a few months ago still seems apt:

GIS provides analytical tools for a broad range of disciplines, but I think of GIS especially as a means to advance the teaching of those disciplines, via new possibilities for visualization of processes and phenomena that have a spatial dimension. Global Studies, Environmental Studies, history, demography... those are the ones that I'm most interested in, though there's obviously a lot of application of GIS possible in economics and management and politics. I'm interested in working out the didactic, building archives of useful illustrations, figuring out collaboration.

22 Feb 2000
Links from the California trip

5 Mar
In the wake of the LAAP grant proposal I have lots to do... here's a link to CIESIN Information Systems and Resources, which has a nice array of Thematic Guides, among other things.

9 Mar
It's time to scheme and plot the next phase of development, taking into account issues that have arisen since the LAAP thing... some of which would be relevant to the fuller proposal for that, and some of which are more relevant to other proposals we might make.

I resolve to make efforts to keep track of evolving GIS Bibliography

Experience with ER Mapper in Dave Harbor's GIS class (see tutorials) leads me to recognize that ArcView (the centerpiece of the LAAP prposal) can't [yet] do a lot of what I imagine we want to do, specifically with LANDSAT and other Remote Sensing apps. That has to be factored into the grander scheme for GIS across curriculum, and specifically for the global studies applications.

21 March
S-Plus for ArcView GIS seems like a product we need to acquire (heard about it from David Marsh, who will join the Biology department next year).

27 June
Essentials rescued from the [unsuccessful] LAAP preproposal... idea being to concentrate on what we can accomplish without external $$

28 June
Started reworking

Started a weblet on GPS to track my process of discovery and integration

25 July
International Conference on GIS in Education at Cal State San Bernardino --report of what I saw, heard, thought...

From Local Patches to the Whole Earth: GIS, Scale and Visualization (toward a convincing summary document)

7 December
GIS in Undergraduate Teaching (a quick summary prompted by a question from William Klingelhofer)

19 Jan 2001
A one-page summary of the LAAP adventure for George Carras

9 March
ArcIMS at W&L (proposal for how we'll use ArcIMS in outreach and courses)

2 April
I messed around with Chris Connors' instructions for downloading waypoints from the Garmin, and eventually found that it WORKS... though some of the niceties like exactly which projection I'm using are still a bit hazy. Still, I was able to get data onto an orthophoto:

...the second one uses the 1983 datum, and clearly fits the trail better.