10 July 2007
Preparing to depart for a high school reunion [46 years...], and considering things that have been Important in my life during the almost-half-century, music keeps bubbling up. Most of my erstwhile classmates don't know anything of this side of my life, as it's mostly developed since Chadwick years. Some years ago I started to write a sort of musical autobiography, occasionally updated but never "finished" or, perhaps, likely to be. Along the way I've played a lot of music in various genres and on various instruments, and those linked below just happen to be conveniently accessible at the moment. Lots more of my collaborations with Daniel Heikalo may eventually see the light of day as CDs, but I'm not holding my breath...
(update, May 2010: the CD is soon to see the light of day, and will be available via CD Baby)

A few mandocello tunes:

Otiose Maggie

a nameless something

Moving Day

...and a mandocello/recorder boogie (with Daniel Heikalo, bass recorder)

...and one with a saz-like instrument I built:
Pogo 1997

tenor recorder and saz (with Daniel Heikalo, tenor recorder)
WLUR House Mountain Radio appearance (about an hour, recorded late August 2005, and including several duets with Daniel Heikalo --see also musical ruminations from the same time)

a first podcast On Musical Variety (Nov 2004, when podcasting was just beginning, and as I was preparing to teach Cross-Cultural Studies in Music)

...and while I'm at this business of gatheration, it occurs to me to dip into the bottomless pit of html and throw in a link to the 33 1/3 Anniversary pages, now almost 10 years ago, but providing a lot of detail (with pictures, too!) for the period 1964-1998. The last decade's activities are limned via the At W&L Timeline and 1998-2006 Logfiles Timeline. And oook blog tracks more or less day-to-day stuff 2004 to present. There's also the current work page, and 3000+ images stored at Flickr (that trove includes the images for the Nova Scotia Faces project and a whole lot of material from different photographic eras, including Sarawak 1965-1967 and Horton Landing in the 1970s). I have heaps more negatives to scan...