33 1/3 Anniversary

In 1998 we found ourselves wanting to celebrate this milestone in some appropriate fashion, but it was necessary to invent the form from scratch. Couldn't gather all the people we've known in one place, but a virtual party was a possibility, using various communications media. The day itself we calculated to be Monday 12 January 1998, and we did in fact have an Event of modest proportions in Lexington on that day, still fondly remembered. We recontacted many people from our several former lives, and now contemplate the imminent 40th.

What have we done since 12 September 1964?

The effort to locate old friends has generated some pretty remarkable stories. My main tools have been AltaVista and online telephone directories, but the real surprises (and the best after-the-fact stories) are pretty serendipitous. Unable to find any pointers to Icelandic friends Ruri Jonsdottir and Gylfi Baldursson (except for reports of Gylfi's success in bridge tournaments, in Icelandic...), I recalled that she had mentioned a school friend of hers who had been a Harvard classmate of mine, though we'd scarcely known each other. Knowing that he was a professor at University of Iceland (thanks to his submission for the 25th Reunion volume), I found his e-mail address and sent him a plea for help. Within 2 hours I had a reply saying that he'd seen Ruri just that afternoon at a Christmas party and had just talked to Gylfi on the phone and was including Gylfi's e-mail address.

Another story: our Peace Corps Training friends Dave and Henrietta Crandall were 'lost' until I called the Harvard Alumni folks and found that they live in Clifton Forge VA, about 40 minutes from us.

This gallery of images is somewhat catch-as-catch-can, the product of several days of work with a Polaroid slide and negative scanner. I've included pictures that I thought would be especially interesting (or redolent of time and place) to one or another person, and probably included more in-jokes and self-revelations than everybody will be entirely comfortable with. But that's how it goes. It's really nice to see a lot of those images again, and to have a way to distribute them to a wider audience. If you have a slow connection it may be time to go make that pot of coffee/tea while the files navigate the Internet.

I'm struck by what/who I find I don't have pictures of, and some close friends are left out because I (or Betsy) never happened to be in a photographing mood when we were with them, and/or because I can't find the negatives... Looking at it all makes me regret that I did so little photography after the mid-70s.

some pictures of Betsy, 1963-65     some Harvard-era friends     a few wedding pictures

Dave and Henner

some Peace Corps pictures     Simanggang and Melugu 1965-66

Bob Frary     Limbang 1966      Kuching 1967

Kent and Shel 1969-70     Death Valley     Kip and Ron

newborn Kate      Kate 1970-72     Kate and Dad 1970

Betsy 1972-73     Kate 1973-74     Kate and Jane

Horton Landing interior 1972-73

Kent Anderson     Shel Anderson

Sandy Blakeslee     Ken Stallcup     Bill Grace     Brad Fulton

Adrian Lewis     Bozos at Horton Landing, Spring 1973     Colonel Chicken     The Phantom Flasher

Nova Scotia Gothic     Kate's first self-administered haircut     Hair Wars

The Young John     The Older John      The Older Kate

Kate and John      All 4      Diana

The Doctoral Gown, 1992

Christmas 1994

gallery of musical instruments     the author in various plumages