January 13, 2013

Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron, but a whole lot of people whom I admire and follow did, and they have a lot to say. Just to put them in one place, for future reference

Larry Lessig

Alex Stamos

Quinn Norton

Cory Doctorow

Doc Searls

Ethan Zuckerman

Dave Winer

danah boyd

Dave Weinberger

Brewster Kahle

Remember Aaron tumblr


...and Ron Nigh adds Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian

...and The Digital Archive's Aaron Swartz Collection, crowdsourcing "any digital materials you think appropriate in a memorial collection: emails with him, code archives, photos"

...and a Twitter hashtag #pdftribute (via Kerim)

Jason Scott, acerbic but believeable

and Dan Gillmor

and Gardner Campbell, who points to Matt Stoller's post, among others I've already noted above

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January 11, 2013

3 cupolas

In one block on Masonic Street in Rockland are three cupolated houses right next to each other:

cupola5 cupola4 cupola3

Sure looks like the same builder, and there must be a Tale somewhere...

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I'm rather pleased with this image:

dysfunctional garage
Outbuildings are usually functional-not-ornamented, and prone to desuetude. I'll pay closer attention to them as the Project continues.

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a Doc Searls fragment

The whole thing is worth reading, especially if your vision is headed for the suboptimal, but this passage has particular clarity:

All vision is in the brain, of course, and the world we see is largely a set of descriptions we project from the portfolio of things we already know. We can see how this works when we disconnect raw sensory perception from our descriptive engines. This is what happens with LSD. As I understand it (through study and not experience, alas), LSD disconnects the world we perceive from the nouns and verbs we use to describe it. So do other hallucinogens.

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January 06, 2013

in the new year

I'd like to think that I'll use this medium more, and more creatively. We'll see how that works itself out in the light of various realities. The vernacular architecture project is the main arrow in the quiver at the moment, and here's a recent contribution:

keeper's house at Marshall Point

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