January 13, 2013

Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron, but a whole lot of people whom I admire and follow did, and they have a lot to say. Just to put them in one place, for future reference

Larry Lessig

Alex Stamos

Quinn Norton

Cory Doctorow

Doc Searls

Ethan Zuckerman

Dave Winer

danah boyd

Dave Weinberger

Brewster Kahle

Remember Aaron tumblr


...and Ron Nigh adds Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian

...and The Digital Archive's Aaron Swartz Collection, crowdsourcing "any digital materials you think appropriate in a memorial collection: emails with him, code archives, photos"

...and a Twitter hashtag #pdftribute (via Kerim)

Jason Scott, acerbic but believeable

and Dan Gillmor

and Gardner Campbell, who points to Matt Stoller's post, among others I've already noted above

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