Some sources on Globalization

18 Oct 2001
My usual strategy of looking around for interesting-looking perspectives started with a Google search, but then went on to

What I was looking for via google was some variety in opinion and approach, there being far too much to attempt to be exhaustive. A few things:


Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network (Loughborough University)

"We Are Not the World," Paul Krugman New York Times, February 13, 1997

A CRITIQUE OF NEO-LIBERAL GLOBALIZATION? (Gerald Epstein, Third World Network)

Reworlding America: The Globalization of American Studies (John Muthyala) Cultural Critique 47 (2001) 91-119

Critique of Globalization and the Challenge for Alternatives (Sandeep Pendse National Secretariat of the Indian National Social Action Forum (INSAF) India)

Google search for "critique of globalisation" gets

A BRIEF GREEN CRITIQUE OF THE GLOBALISATION WHITE PAPER (Dr John Devaney and Dr Spencer Fitz-Gibbon England & Wales Green Party national executive)

The OECD’s Crocodile Tears

Knowledge , Power, Talking Monies (from Voice of the Turtle, a Fabian Website, criticizing the World Ban's Development Gateway Website --see also Bretton Woods Project ['monitoring the World Bank and the IMF'])

"We will solve all your disagreements if you join the development gateway..."
(Matthew Draper)

HOLLIS: 521 items under the LCSH 'globalization' --which was instantiated in Nov 1999 ("For works cataloged prior to that date, see International economic relations, Internationalism, and similar headings")

An Annie KW search gets 485 hits for 'globalization'; sorting them by date reveals that the oldest is 1987; 180 published in 2000 or 2001. 'globalisation' gets 71 in Annie, and a different perspective