History of Science Resources

Resources in the W&L libraries are concentrated in the areas of Q125 (modern history of science), Q141 (biographical materials), and Q175 (philosophy of science). Journal resources include Isis and Technology & Culture, as well as the journals of various scientific disciplines. Especially useful for finding history of science material is the ISIS Cumulative Bibliography [Q125 .I81] which covers the periodical literature from 1913 to the present, and allows the seeker to retrieve by the names of individual scientists, by institutions, and by subject (the subject index is organized by century).

Each of the disciplines of science also has sections of historical and biographical monographs:
Some thoughts on the basics of History of Science, and some material from George Sarton.
Internet resources in the history of science include:

Some examples of explorations on the fringes of the history of science:

Some links for further investigation (library guides, etc.)
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