Some sources in the History of Geology
CALL #       QE11 .G64 1991.
AUTHOR       Gohau, Gabriel.
TITLE        Histoire de la geologie. English.
             A history of geology / by Gabriel Gohau ; revised and translated 
               by Albert V. Carozzi and Marguerite Carozzi.
IMPRINT      New Brunwick : Rutgers University Press, 1991 [i.e., 1990]

CALL #       QE11 .G73.
AUTHOR       Greene, Mott T., 1945-
TITLE        Geology in the nineteenth century : changing views of a changing 
               world / Mott T. Greene.
IMPRINT      Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 1982.

CALL #       QE11 .H35 1983.
AUTHOR       Hallam, A. (Anthony), 1933-
TITLE        Great geological controversies / A. Hallam.
IMPRINT      Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1983.

CALL #       QE11 .L35 1987.
AUTHOR       Laudan, Rachel, 1944-
TITLE        From mineralogy to geology : the foundations of a science, 1650-
               1830 / Rachel Laudan.
IMPRINT      Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1987.

CALL #       QE11 .O43 1996.
AUTHOR       Oldroyd, D. R. (David Roger)
TITLE        Thinking about the earth : a history of ideas in geology / David 
               R. Oldroyd.
IMPRINT      Cambridge, Mass : Harvard University Press, c1996.

CALL #       QE11 .W66 1985.
AUTHOR       Wood, Robert Muir.
TITLE        The dark side of the earth : the battle for the earth sciences, 
               1800-1980 / Robert Muir Wood.
IMPRINT      London ; Boston : Allen & Unwin, 1985.

CALL #       QE13.G7 O43 1990.
AUTHOR       Oldroyd, D. R. (David Roger)
TITLE        The Highlands controversy : constructing geological knowledge 
               through fieldwork in nineteenth-century Britain / David R. 
IMPRINT      Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1990.