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Thomas Brigham = Mercy Hurd

Captain SAMUEL BRIGHAM = Elizabeth Howe

B: Cambridge MA 12 Jan 1652
M: 1683
D: Marlboro MA 24 Jul 1713

siblings: Mary, Thomas, John, Hannah

Elisabeth Brigham
Hepsibah Brigham
Capt. Samuel Brigham
Lydia Brigham
Lieut. Jedediah Brigham
Jotham Brigham
Timothy Brigham
Charles Brigham
Persis Brigham
Antipas Brigham

from History of the Brigham Family:
To Samuel Brigham is due the honor of founding in old Marlboro the tanning and shoe trades. Many of Samuel's descendants are in the shoe business in Marlboro, in one capacity or another, as are also the descendants of Thomas. The first tannery in the town was erected by Samuel about 1700... (and) descended in regular succession (Jedidiah, Winslow, Daniel) to Capt. Daniel, who retired from active business in the 1850's, when the tannery ceased to be used... (80-81)