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John Maynard = Mary Starr (1), Mary Axtell (2)

JOHN MAYNARD = Mary Gates (1), Sarah Blandford Keyes (2)

B: England, ca. 1630
M: Sudbury MA 5 Apr 1658 (1), 1679 (2)
D: Marlboro MA 22 Dec 1711

siblings: (half-siblings) Zachary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary, Lydia

Mary Maynard (m. Isaac Woods)
John Maynard (m. Lydia Ward)
Hannah Maynard
Elizabeth Mainard
Simon Mainard
David Maynard
Zechariah Maynard

Sarah Maynard
Lydia Maynard
Joseph Maynard

(8 years old when his father John settled in Sudbury in 1638)
Further biographical information from http://www.wizard.net/~aldonna/jmayn2.htm:
John Maynard was born in England in about 1630. John Maynard was eight years old in 1638 when his father, John Maynard, brought him to Sudbury. He married Mary Gates there, April 5, 1658. She was baptized in Hingham, England, October 15, 1636. She was the daughter of Stephen Gates and Ann Veare.[1] John moved to Marlborough soon after his marriage. On November 26, 1660, out of a total of 993 1/2 acres granted to 38 of John Woods, being near the east village on the road towards what later became Southborough. On October 29, 1686 he was listed as one of the proprietors of persons, he drew 23 acres located southeasterly of the meeting house, west of the house lot Ockoocangansett Plantation, later called Maynard and, with Richard Barnes and John Brigham, was ordered to lay out the land of the plantation and order the highways.[2] His first wife Mary died in Marlborough in about 1678. John married, in Sudbury, Sarah (Blandford) Keyes. She was born in Sudbury January 27, 1642/43, and died after May 18, 1703.

He was most likely the John Maynard who was a selectmen in 1707 and 1710.[3] The will of John Blandford of Sudbury, dated October 21, 1687, mentions his daughter Maynard, and the will of Dorothy Blandford of Marlborough, dated December. 29, 1694, bequeathed to "daughter Sarah Mainard where i now am and where I have been well treated ever since I came from Sudbury, wife of John Mainard, Sr.".[4] On March 18, 1691/92 John Maynard was assigned to a garrison in Marlborough of twelve men, including his son John and headed by Ensign John Woods.[5] The assignment was due to the first French and Indian War. John's name appears on a tax list of 1668 for the town of Marlboro. His tax was just over 11 shillings and signed he the list as one of the selectmen.[6]

John's will was dated May 18, 1703 and names his four sons John, Simon, David, and Zachariah; two daughters Hannah Davennport and Elizabeth Brigham, youngest son Joseph; two youngest daughters Sarah and Lydia Maynard; Rachel Wheeler, a servant of some kind; two grand children Mary Woods and Elizabeth Woods; and wife Sarah. John further requested his "Loving ffriends, John Woods senr and Isaac Amsden senr & James Woods to be overseers to this my last will and testament". The will was witnessed by Jonathan Woods, Sr., James Woods, and Isaac Amsden, Sr.[7] A codicil to the will, dated March 6, 1708, mentioned James, son of John's son John. The inventory of the estate, taken January 4 and proved January 9, 1711/12 by Isaac Temple, Simon Gates, and Isaac Amsden, totaled 347.14.06.[8] John Maynard died in Marlborough, December 22, 1711.[9]