from Bluenose Physiognomy to Abandoned Ancestors

A subset of Nova Scotia images, emphasizing the nascent stories that one might imagine, extract, create. The book is available for download, 190-odd MB.

AA cover candidate 1

3 sisters

another Granny rolls

No danger

The Sin of Pride

Designated worrier

Been there, done that

Just in case...


A Case of the Family Ears

The New Car The New Car
(see a short video presentation on this pair)

Cousin Highpockets Comes to Town

the little stranger

caption derby: add your own

RCAMC Petawawa detail

let me just lean on you...


Something Arbus-like here

Off to sea


sibling set

over-full beard

perhaps it was something in the water

we're just reproducing ourselves

the poet as a soul in torment

who is more pleased?

the manic phase



one of Nature's Bachelors?

perpetually vexed: tintype


a trip to the beach


The Big Apple at last


portraits in the house at Horton Landing

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