Part of my answer to Chris Pulisevich's query "Have you done any writing yourself?????":
Non-trivial to answer that, but I've found myself thinking about how to begin to answer (as much for my own integrative process as anything). In fact I've written a lot, but mostly not for any specific audience, and not in conventional media. The whole game of academic writing never appealed to me, being far too aimed at reputation-building and point-scoring, and tending to be more and more specialized where I wanted to explore the more and more generalized. I generally enjoyed talking/lecturing (though I tended more to the improvisatory and the eclectic than the sage-on-the-stage didactic) because I could tell stories, construct intricate narratives, pull verbal rabbits out of hats, make wry asides... those things don't translate well to conventional books and articles.

When I discovered hypertext, sometime in the late 1980s, I finally had a medium that allowed the allusive outward linking that was congenial to my verbal style. In my librarian years (basically 1990 to 2005) I explored hyper-everything with great glee, and created an edifice of electronic documents that were mostly of interest to myself, but are still out there for googlers to find. Quite a bit of that trove is accessible via the links on though I haven't been assiduous about keeping the page updated.

If I were to point you to a couple of relatively lengthy texts, they'd be A Rumination on Yoga Practice and Musical Ruminations, August 2005 --both essentially concerned with ME rather than with some less-fascinating topic.

The blog is less detailed and less eloquent than I'd like it to be, but now and again I have used it as a medium to stretch out a bit. It does index the flux of my attention and interests about as well as can be.

More than you asked for, but that's what happens when you start turning rocks over...