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The author in 1945

I've been at this for quite a while.

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Current projects, in Web form at the moment but eventually to be Blurb books:

Abandoned Ancestors: A gallery of literary provocations
State Street Bank 1964-1965
an as-yet-untitled book project on Wood

Blurb books are available for download as pdfs:

Bluenose Physiognomy Nova Scotia Faces: an exploration of photographs from Nova Scotia junk stores (July 2015)
Beyond 7000 Ångströms More than our eyes can see: Six months of infrared exploration (January 2016)
Forebears: Exploring Franklin Blackmer's family photo archive (March 2016)
Order Up!: My life and times at Home Kitchen Cafe (May 2016)
Who was Joe Wilner?: A forensic farrago (May 2016)
Remembered: A graveyard book (July 2016)
Tessellations: photographic palindromes (August 2016)
YMMV: Studies in occultation (September 2016)
Gone Tomorrow: Ice at Drift Inn Beach (March 2018)
Just A Rock: A Lithic Menagerie (April 2018)

see my spouse's marvelous macrophotographs

A Modest Proposal (Sunday morning thoughts, during a Maine Media Center workshop with Daile Kaplan, June 2017)

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