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LIFO from 7 November 2019:


a new toy

Cucurbitae of November



two remarkable rocks

Encounters with the Numinous

unfamiliar ways

Mt. Megunticook

two Newfoundland gravestones

Rocks from whom one learns

of Morphic Resonance

department of co-incidence

Spring, finally


Allegories and Agglomerations

Christmas ephemeral


just a stump

Found Objects

photographs since Just A Rock

and another project

as promised, or threatened

iconicity is where you find it

perhaps a coloring book?

apprehensive Cucurbita pepo

first, catch your beech tree

still more imagination

the morning's fun

yes, rather a stretch

revealing the hidden

petroglyphic gnomons

Stepping into that same river

breakfast today

Oscar checks in


another Cheshire cat? equine digression


just another rock

Form Finds Form

Just turning to October

a 10th book slides down the ways

another book project

a new book flung into the aether


a gallery of ice photos

the drama continued

a lesson learned

another case of the Ephemeral


Marblehead 1965

Another sector of the Territory

Lighting Out for the Territory

and now what?

the enso project


Oct 19 2017
Daido Moriyama

Sept 23 2017
Simplifying, symmetry, the Elder Gods (tessellation)

Sept 19 2017
the Lane Collection at MFA (Lyle Rexer)

Sept 7 2017
On and off the bus (William Eggleston)

Sept 6 2017
Major Minor (Minor White) on reading photographs

Sept 2 2017
Paul Caponigo sez (Paul Caponigro)

Aug 31 2017

Aug 28 2017
Photography in time and space: technologies of memory (Roland Barthes) studium and punctum redux

Aug 27 2017
A Sow's Ear (Roland Barthes) studium and punctum

Aug 26 2017
photographic tides (Paul Caponigro)

Aug 25 2017
On vexed questions of art

Aug 18 2017
why? (Robert Adams, Edward Weston)

Aug 15 2017

April 26 2017
On the Bancroft-Tyszkiewicz Account

April 19 2017
co incidence

Feb 12 2017
Entering a liminal state (includes links to pdfs of 8 Blurb books)

June 29 2016
Adobe and Amazon Hell

March 11 2016
Picking up where we left off?

Oct 25 2015
Uelsmania (Jerry Uelsmann)

April 3 2015
inversion conversion reversion (Qu'est-ce que la photographie? at the Pompidou)

March 15 2015
photographic high tide

Jan 3 2015
artful dreaming

May 28 2014
time, space and The Americans (Robert Frank)

Mar 31 2014
H C-B (Henri Cartier-Bresson)

Mar 30 2014
Awash in images

Jan 28 2014
Three Farmers: an obsession (August Sander)

Dec 31 2013
At year's end

Oct 6 2013
definitely October

Sept 9 2013
Thinking more about food photography

July 18 2013

May 30 2013
undergrowth? stain? blot? speck? disgrace? (about macchia)

May 27 2013
tagging and filing

May 26 2013

May 25 2013
Zotero (a lot of links to 'photography' postings from my RSS feeds)

May 24 2013
Andrew Borowiec: Compromised Paradise, The Gulf Coast In The 21st Century

June 23 2012
Look on the works, ye mighty (Doc Searls 'photography' blog posts)

Oct 20, 2011
Forensic photography (Lewis Hine)

Oct 29 2010
Videos from Nova Scotia Faces

Jan 26 2006
On the Photobooth in Demotic Photography

Nov 21 2005
Vernacular photography