From Heidi

It appears that my late brother David had (entirely unbeknownst to me) a taste for these pictures of others' ancestors. On a recent visit to my sister-in-law Heidi I happened on two albums from the 1860s, containing about 40 images (and lots of blank pages, alas). Heidi said that they'd bought them in an antique store in Waltham MA, probably 25 years ago, and she offered them to me. Needless to say...


Both seem to be from Connecticut, probably Meriden. Two images to give an idea of the riches, obviously a couple... :
from a Connecticut album from a Connecticut album

While many of the images are clearly 'family', others are something else altogether. One such is this one of General Ambrose Burnside, probably a Venerated Person to the album's owner:
General Ambrose Burnside

Little to distinguish this couple, from the same album:

There's no way to know if pictures from facing pages are a couple, but sometimes one hopes that's the case:
couple21a more detail


Another in the experiments-with-whiskers series:

...and yet another Beard:

How many yards of printed cotton in this dress?

A pair just too cute for words:
cloying2a cloying1a