Pictures of two people who aren't a married couple are common, and sometimes can be decoded as siblings, but are probably more often friends.


Exposures were long in the days of the tintype:

pals in hats

...but consider for a moment the proposition that both feet belong to the person on the right...
both feet

And this one belongs to the genre I've labelled as The Big Apple At Last:
The Big Apple at last
In this case, the Big Apple is probably the shiretown of Kentville. These two have taken the plunge to get their photy took, and the cigars match the general air of bravado.

More fun with hats
More fun with hats

Just imagine the whalebone and the layers of clothing:

This one might be mother-daughter:

...and this one surely is:
mother and daughter

These supercilious twits were probably new graduates of Acadia University:
graduates of Acadia

Difficult to parse this one. Which is Bernice?

on the back: Peto + Ina I took it yesterday in the sitting room
Peto and Ina

I can't convince myself that these two are brothers: