Horrid Children

Maybe not all horrid, but some surely are.


This one, taken in Boston (what Nova Scotians call 'the Boston States'), was presumably sent back to the grandparents in Nova Scotia, and is a case of Short Pants Too Long:
Short Pants Too Long

Some seem to have their destiny written all over their faces:
destined for a life of petty crime?

Don't you just want to kick him?
don't you just want to kick him?

Sometimes it's the furniture that's horrid:

carte de visite

Another from Boston. On the back it says:

Well Grandma what do you think of our boy? Dont you think he is some big for a baby not two yet.
Winston Churchill: "Madam, all babies look just like me."


This one is surely not horrid:
Think how itchy and uncomfortable those clothes must have been.


These, now, are Devilspawn:
The picture was taken in New York, but somehow fetched up in Nova Scotia.

This one was taken in Kidderminster (Worcs), but also found its way to Nova Scotia. Gran is just a tidge grim:
fun with Gran

Another Young Winston:
another Young Winston

Sartorial indignities:
Come on in, the water's fine

Just one more...

Winston redux
W.C. Fields' worst nightmare

This one look pretty dubious about the whole deal:
querulous baby

Aligned nicely with the backdrop:
hair slicked down

Sometimes the photographer gets carried away. This one has BLUE eyes painted in:
overenthusiastic retouching

This is another magnificent composition, catching yet another common theme: the child in somebody else's clothing:
the little sailor

the boots are in focus

The original of this one is a 1 x 1.5 inch tintype:

grim determination
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Another Lunenburger:
another Lunenburger
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