"your hair is like a flock of goats frisking down the slopes of Gilead." --Song of Songs 4:1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer may be responsible for popularizing "bad hair day"?
or maybe it's a November 23, 1962 Peanuts strip: "Violet's Bad Hair Day."

Hair's there. Gotta deal with it.

a unique sense of style

A seriously bad hair day:
Another hair disaster

More horrible hair:
More seriously bad hair

More lace, less hair:
Dr. Bronner's patent Hair Food: before

More hair, but... imagine her as a Deadwood character
More hair, less...

Another hair disaster:
Lamentable perm

And some hair just won't behave no matter what:
trying a new hairstyle

...and some can be tamed:
another questionable hairstyle

Not sure what to make of this, almost West African in its sensibilities:

For some, the phrase "crowning glory" makes sense:
crowning glory


More chin than Eleanor Roosevelt

hair10b.jpg (more detail)

hair up

This one bespeaks an independent mind and some modern portraiture conventions:

In general, men care much less about hair. In this one, it's hard to say whether the beard is more or less regrettable than the hair:
more bad hair

...and the absence is also a possibility:
hair: the null set


One can also opt for the poetical look:
the poet as a soul in torment

Steadman Young's hair had a mind of its own:
Steadman Young's hair had a mind of its own

Another style that will never catch on:
the style will never catch on

Hard to say which is the more remarkable:
fun with hair