When more than two are in a photograph there's a much more complex dynamic. The field is generally centered on the group, but often the surrounding scene is an essential part of the composition: the group is located in a context, and the context may in fact be the reason the picture was taken.


This one has many thousands of relatives, depicting R&R of victorious armies:
On the back it says 'Venice, May 1945'


And this one also represents a genre in family photography: The Four Generation Photograph:
Four generations


Team photographs are pretty common. I was told that the gentleman in the bowler was Middleton's undertaker:
Middleton rugby team


Three sisters. Don't you dare...
3 sisters


Mens Bible Class, M.E. Church
Westbrook Me. Feb 18 1917:
Mens Bible Class A few of the denizens:


Is this evidence for Bluenose polyandry?
Evidence for Bluenose Polyandry?


The conductor's hat says "W&A Ry", which I decode as Western and Atlantic, based in Atlanta GA:
Western and Atlantic RR crew
How did this one find its way to Nova Scotia?

The symmetry of this one is pretty remarkable, but it's the hands that stand out:
Lothar and the Hand People

Annie Salter, Sadie O'Dell Young, Will Salter:
Annie, Sadie and Will

Something distinctly Diane Arbus-like here:
Something Arbus-like here

Even at the best of times, class reunions are fraught with discomfort. This one is Class of 1901, taken in 1911:
Reunion of the Class of 1901
...and this poor man is caught right in the middle, a deer in the headlights:

This one is probably grandparents:
with Gran and Gramps

I can't overcome the conviction that at least one of these is in drag:
Louie and the Fag-Hags

on the back: you know these without me telling the names
you know...

a trois