From Laura

Laura Emily de la Torre Bueno is a longtime friend with a better eye for the bizarre than even my own, and more basic wit than anybody you're likely to meet. She has occasionally sent me images she found in her travels, and they need their own space. Her 1963 persona should also be appreciated.


Some are just ever so Goreyesque:
Granny rolls

but this one is tragic:
another Granny rolls


This one is likely a photograph of a parlor enlargement, originally probably a tintype:
Parlor enlargements were done by specialized artists, and almost always were memorials for family members who had died.


There are millions of new-baby pictures, most secure in anonymity, but this one is labelled 'Sadie Brown' on the back:
Sadie Brown

This one is simply demented:
Look right at the camera...

Sometimes the Fates grant us entrée into a while life, in this case via a box of snapshots and portraits covering about 30 years. Here are two to get us started:
Joe Wilner in about 1935
Joe Wilner ca. 1935
Joe Wilner in about 1960
Joe Wilner ca. 1960<

Joe Wilner needs a page all his own



This one looks like a character from Deadwood:
Eb Winance

On the back it says "Mr. Winance who I was engage to." Clearly a lucky escape...

I don't know whether it's better to take this seriously or privilege its frivolity:
Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the coven


I didn't know the name of the process for blue prints until MrWaterslide denominated them as cyanotypes, but the knees are pretty eloquent:

cabinet card