There are so many of these, and to the eye of anybody but a parent or grandparent, most of them look pretty much alike. Consider the story about Winston Churchill,

in answer to a friend who said "Winston! How wonderfully your new grandson resembles you!"... he (master of chiasmus that he was) is supposed to have responded, "All babies look just like me. But then, I look like all babies."

We are in a position to test the veracity of the proposition with this set, most of them studio photographs, mostly taken in The Boston States and sent to family in Nova Scotia, who duly placed them in albums:



another Young Winston

W.C. Fields' worst nightmare


querulous baby

overenthusiastic retouching

hair slicked down

Loretta le H.

another Winston

Winston in Kentville

tintype Winston

oval Winston on fur

frou-frou Winston

Annapolis Royal Winston on fur

Gerberoid Winston

dyspeptic Winston

fauteuil Winston 1878

Attleboro Winston

Ipswich Winston

Salem Winston

Newburyport Winston

Somerville Winston

D.C. Winston

Philly Winston on fur

Boston Winston

crosseyed Winston on fur

boots in focus Winston

yet another Winston

Winston on wheels

Truro Winston

Mailman Winston

Fortunately, there's a bare minimum of this sort of foolishness:

fortunately anonymous