April 10, 2011

On flappers

I remember vividly the umbrage my mother (born 1899) gathered up, expressed and projected in my direction when I [quite innocently] asked if she'd been "a flapper" back in the day. "Certainly NOT!" I think she said, but the withering tone was beyond any I think I'd ever encountered. A few minutes spent with The Flapper's Dictionary is probably as close as one can get to understanding her animus. She was a person of considerable rectitude, inclined to take moral turpitudes Seriously: with eloquent fluttering of the eyelids she declared Sophie Tucker's songs "suggestive" (and so they were, deliciously). Very early on, I learned which of my own realities to protect her from...

Posted by oook at April 10, 2011 02:04 PM
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