July 08, 2009

links for 2009-07-08

  • via WFMU's Beware of the Blog. Perhaps little-known fact: many years ago I studied Swedish (freshman year) and spent 6 weeks there in summer 1962... so I've been more or less following things Swedish ever since. This really is an odd take on Stockholm and Swedes, with a good many snorts and yuks sprinkled here and there in the text. I mean: "...a genuine-fake-maybe-real-but-probably-phony-except-for-real-but-you-never-really-know-these-days-anyway culturobstretrical organization with a life-changing mission: to build bridges of understanding between the American and Scandinavian peoples. And in so doing, heal the universe. To achieve this we use the power of Ultramultiscience, a new way of thinking that fuses multiple disciplines --sound, embalmery, competitive eating-- into a gel that, when mixed with bleeding-edge scientificalism, unleashes transformational power not seen since Nutella met Bisquick..."

    **WARNING** I'm not sure that I advise you to listen to the mp3 file linked in the text --might unsettle delicate sensibilities, if you still have any. On the other hand, maybe you'd be able to think of it as postmodernistical ethnography...

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