January 03, 2008

A snowball perched on a hilltop

Sometimes a confluence of quite disparate influences provokes a blog posting that bursts out into a new vector of interest and attention. One never knows when that's going to strike, and sometimes it comes to nothing: having stricken, moves on. At the moment, the bits that seem to be shouldering their way to the fore are:

  • Scott Atran's rumination on fictive kinship (perhaps you have to be an anthropologist to jump at a title with 'fictive kinship' in it, but read on...)
  • Scott Horton's quoting of Robert Frost's "Mending Wall" at harpers.org (dunno if you have to be a Subscriber to see it, but if so the text is here), which is known to one and all as a cliché ["Good fences make good neighbors'], but not generally attended for its other Messages, or for its geological and New England landscape Verities
  • the delicious richness of Gardner Campbell's working toward the coming term, and the wonderful prospect afforded by his vow to blog daily. His use of sound clips is, well, exemplary, and his choice of quotations goes unerringly to my heart. I mean, jeez, who else juxtaposes Jerome Bruner
    A curriculum is more for teachers than it is for pupils. If it cannot change, move, perturb, inform teachers, it will have no effect on those whom they teach.
    and Paul Greenglass
    ...freedom, improvisation, the moment, the... the thing that happens in front of your camera that you didn't predict..."
These seem to be parts of a bigger Something that's taking shape in my mind. Stay tuned while I figure this out...

Posted by oook at January 3, 2008 09:24 AM