November 16, 2007


When we first bought the house in Maine, a bit more than 3 years ago, the stairs looked like this:

the old banister
Our friend Scott Strang, who has built a few staircases in his day, pronounced the banister "butt ugly" (and he's ordinarily a moderate sort of chap). He was right. My colleagues at Washington & Lee gave me a gift certificate at a fancy hardwood store as a Retirement present, and I cashed it in (more than a year ago) on the wherewithal for a replacement, newel post and balusters and banister and all. The pieces leaned meaningfully in a corner while I figured and schemed and thought about HOW to install them, and today Tim Lewis (who has built a few staircases in his day) did the installation in about 6 hours. It would have taken me several days... but now it's glorious:

the new banister

Posted by oook at November 16, 2007 08:04 PM