July 04, 2007

Of hoards, troves and legacies

One of the nicest things about being Retired is the greatly increased latitude to choose amongst the things one might do, but there are still nagging reminders of things one has been meaning to get to Real Soon Now. In the last couple of years I've been pawing at various collections [Nova Scotia Faces, my various Webstuffs, a friend's grandfather's jazz 78s (digitized and databased on a DVD), my own photographs from various eras, a whole lot of file drawers of remnants from my several academic careers, etc.], imagining glorious ways to organize their contents and transform them into distributable resources, and experimenting with assorted media and technologies that might help me realize my heart's desires. Those desires seem to come down to telling the stories contained in the collections, for whatever audiences might find them interesting.

The Elephant in the Room is my vast musical holdings, the vinyl and CDs and tapes that I've been working with and augmenting for most of my life. How can I make Sense out of that, and how can I make its wonders into a distributable resource? Or even a resource more accessible for my own use? The obvious impediments are (a) sheer size of the task and (b) copyright restrictions, and there are daunting questions of format (mp3? audiophiles may sneer) and approach (review Nick Hornby on the subject).

Case in point: I think I can reconstruct the sequence of my fascinations with several European folk music streams (Celtic, Scandinavian, Hungarian, Greek, Klezmer...) through about 30 years of collection, right down to the order of acquisition of records/CDs and the uses I made of their contents. And likewise with American guitar and mandolin, and with blues. And similarly with the various World Musics that fed into courses I taught. Most of those recordings have liner notes, reading of which was essential to my musical education. Wouldn't it be nice to make all of that accessible, ideally on the Web but perhaps more realistically as private-distribution DVDs with html interface... surely a MegaProject.
It seems pretty obvious that a landscape of hyperlinks would grow pretty quickly once construction was begun, and that it would be wise to think carefully before plunging in, in order to minimize the amount of hand-coding and repetition. I probably need to develop some database and CSS skills that I dimly grasp. I certainly don't envision digitizing all the vinyl and tape --just the truly significant bits, those that help to tell the story and/or epitomise something. It would be desirable to implant lots of metadata into the headers of those mp3 files, and to ensure that items can be tagged as seems most useful, and that tags can be displayed and searched, and augmented too. It would be convenient to find models to build upon... but I don't know of any.

What else should I be thinking about as I design this Leviathan?

Posted by oook at July 4, 2007 03:32 PM

I remind myself to look again at http://musicbrainz.org/ for a lot of database functionality, not reinventing the wheel...

Posted by: oook hisself at July 5, 2007 09:43 AM

MP3 Download
[URL="http://unlimtraf.com/mp3/"]MP3 Download[/URL]
Top 100. [oook sez: n.b. this is a Russian site... not at all sure that I'm comfortable with credit card payment into that realm, or with the legalities]

Posted by: Rick at July 6, 2007 04:43 PM