April 11, 2007

Another new genre?

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I've been continuing to grab spam subject line text, but I've just discovered a NEW possibility that seems to unlock a Joycean reservoir of litrachur in a genre I didn't even know existed, and can't imagine how it's generated. W&L's new spam filter lets you see the content(s) of a spamunit before you discard it. Here's one:
but??voice, van corked the bottle at a blow, threw down the corkscrew, spells hard, fussy words, like chi-rog-ra-phy and bron-chi-tis as their favorite nourishment is the seed-cake; apples also are freely
but but by train. nowadays there are fewer trains and henry, a: could you tell her to give doug a call when she gets back???the instant she saw him she felt that there was no hope, for she
the instant she saw him she felt that there was no hope, for she??and rose began to cuddle it in the fond, foolish way women have 'i don't worry about sat looking at the friendly words, as they took a new meaning, and
from the doctor to "hold the lamp a little higher, please," or an "oh, put basin, sponge, towels, and a block of brown soap into my hands, eyes with her hand, and took a long look at a figure down in the??by storm, and held her position, in spite of doctors, matron, and
"i saw her going down the avenue??him that his dear mistress was coming back on the following saturday. "we'll remember, mother!" and drift along blindly. watch and pray, dear nat; and while your hand
twice round the triangle without stopping, a star for emil, who "yes, dear, that is the true can never be the polished gentleman that my poor departed friend, ball," proposed audacious molly loo, always ready for fun.??f: where
then, as she vanished,??"she will wait and wait, mother, so dazzled by the brilliancy and beauty that has suddenly of years gone by, and put up a splendid procession of ladies
another with every aggravation they could invent, as they and passion. to regard them as soberly as the enthusiastic mamma did. and??flash:??gods, and i will try to like yours,' said bess, beginning time is 8:45.
henceforth." wrathful, &c. none of the stories are precisely those of aesop, last, "and that is to return to the nome king and oblige him world.??whose kind old heart was full of sympathy, which he longed
"i do not know," said the head; "but last, for the mirror had plainly told her that she was 'a don't expect perfection, but i should like one as good as model, and let us see you," said her uncle, with an approving??voyage. it was a very different story from the written one;??half-fierce, half-imploring eyes of a wild animal caught in
those who had missed so great a blessing. to get upset about. were continually dodging his long arms
I'd have thought it was nowt but fluke, but then along comesd another:
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What interests me here is that these texts don't mean nothing, indeed may really mean something if one has the Magic Decoder Ring. I continue to await developments, and hope others can shed some light on What It All Means. Posted by oook at April 11, 2007 03:00 PM

Some quick Googlement suggests that the first example is made up of random strings of text from Louisa May Alcott...

Posted by: Voice0Reason at April 11, 2007 05:44 PM