April 09, 2007

free-form spam subject-line poetry, redux

Gardner's What poetry form am I? pointer has led me to thinking about realms of the poetic, not generally something I do much of. I discover that I'm beyond simple vexation with spam, on the Other Side of simple vexation, where I start to perceive the glory in the medium of the spam subject line. Nick, over at Voice 0'Reason, has been on this case for a while, and I've been inspired (in great admiration for his efforts) to start harvesting the stuff myself. Today's haul has pushed me over the edge, into what I fear may become a recurring obsession:

To myself watchmen
on epistemology my byroad
was cerebellum many wherein
It everything tutorial
It augment ourselves proviso
shut about-face
Is posterity untill dearth
One could argue for different ordering of the lines, adding punctuation, or executing edits ('untill' is just too poeticall, isn't it?), but I'm for letting it stand as it falls, and Devil take the hindmost. What we have here is a new genre, and it calleth forth Utilities to support its gleaning and promulgation (a metric analyzer, for those who would have anapests and the like; a random combo generator to burrow through the corpus; a grand Corpus for the combo generator to work upon; usw...).

Posted by oook at April 9, 2007 07:49 AM