April 05, 2007

Worth the six minutes it'll take

I love the label "Shift Happens". Seems so much more positive than without the 'f', though I've usually read the original bumpersticker with the emphasis on HAPPENS. I'm not so sure about the jiggy Riverdance-y soundtrack, but not sure what I'd substitute to better support the message.

(this arrived virally, via Stephen's Web, which links The Learned Man, who credits Tata Interactive Systems, who fingers Scott McLeod's repurposing of Karl Fisch's Arapahoe High School presentation... what a glorious trail!)

Posted by oook at April 5, 2007 11:24 AM

You were right.

This one's much more compelling for me than Ray Kurzweil's singularity pitch, mostly because it's aimed at questions of ethics and meaning, not just at a vision of technical utopia. It also has something to do, albeit implicitly, with man's function as a symbol-user and symbol-inventer.

Thanks for the link.

The music is the main theme from the Michael Mann film "The Last of the Mohicans." There's a connection there, I think....

Posted by: Gardner at April 5, 2007 02:32 PM


i am just returned to the net after one year of decrepit gear and damp grey oily fog (forebrain, but corneas also smeared). This is comment related to a different blogwheeze.

Do you still need lyrics to citizen kafka song (mmm, posted perhaps january 07? wheels of karma? there are many verses. and stories, including andy statman.

i have something like MS (subtantial breachii of brain insulation), and i'm not certain i actually can receive email, but if you send me a reply and i DO see it, i promise to swiftly reply. Posthorns at the ready!

synchronisticism... i used to be the restoration archivist for caedmon records, and i may have worked on some of the literature you mentioned.


and if my memory serves me well, the solo by andy s. is also one of my favorite playing/recording session moments. at one point, andy was doing a type of McReynolds picking on a chord up around the 15th fret or so, and while flying, he bent the entire chord at least a full half-step or maybe more, up, then back. This band had lived together and played together for many hundreds of solid hours (lived together few years, picked together measured in hours x thousands), and I don't think any of us had ever heard andy do this, EVER; all players heads swiveled, torsos tilted forward, eyes widened and pupils dilated in full "what!?

Thanks for reminding me about it. take care,

citizen kafka

Posted by: citizen kafka at April 6, 2007 09:16 PM