June 29, 2006


I know I've mentioned Robyn Eckhardt's EatingAsia blog before, but today's posting on Rat-tail noodles is even more mouthwatering than the usual fare. It's the photographs that make the site so remarkable, and I swear I can almost smell the dishes. I'm working on being able to taste 'em too...

Posted by oook at June 29, 2006 07:09 AM

Huh, who'd of thunk we'd have a fan in your part of the world. The photos *are* nice, arent' they? Unfortunately I can't take credit - they're courtesy of my partner in chow, David Hagerman.

BTW, I am working on a scratch 'n sniff tab for the blog. :-)

Posted by: Robyn at June 30, 2006 03:44 AM