February 26, 2006

Watching Preston Reed

One of my identities is 'musician', which basically means that I spend a fair bit of time messing with musical instruments and imagining virtuosities I don't possess and envying the skills of others. Most of it is conducted via hearing --I don't see that many live acts, and generally when I do have live-act opportunities I'm not close enough to see the fine details of performance. Most video of musicians is done by people who don't have the musician sensibilities that want to see the HANDS... An example of unadorned video of an amazing musician is a recent performance by Preston Reed at the Kennedy Center. It's more than an hour of streaming, and seeing him play adds another dimension or two, for even the most jaded guitar player. Turns out that he's blogging too, about music...

Posted by oook at February 26, 2006 01:22 PM