December 05, 2004

Design Engaged

There's such a marvelous variety of convergent thought going on out there, to which I feel myself connected. I stumbled into the site for the Design Engaged conference (in Amsterdam, mid-November), perhaps via my feed from Stephen Downes' Edu_RSS and a posting (by Chris Heathcote) that says

Ubicomp isn't a box you will buy from your local electronics retailer, plug in, and switch on. It's lots of really small pieces loosely, sloppily joined - glued together.
So this morning I did a search for 'design engaged' and found a wonderful collection of links to papers/presentations in which I rolled gleefully (think: spaniel in dead fish...) for an hour or so. Among the pieces that struck particular chords:
Fabio Sergio's post-conference thoughts and their associated links
That Syncing Feeling (Thomas Vander Wal)
Elastic Space (Timo Arnall, with many astonishing images of "stickering, graffiti and flyposting")

Posted by oook at December 5, 2004 09:29 AM