August 06, 2004


Jon Udell continues to be a source of inspiration and an encouragement to keep exploring and expanding Web possibilities. His most recent column Prime-time hypermedia [and see the expansion at infoworld] hits several of my nascent interests, and reminds me of outstanding organizational/retrieval questions:

  • "the two-way Web" that IS blogging isn't obvious to everybody, but Udell's is a nice clear crystallization that underlines the essentially communicative side that so attracts me. It's a way to attract people to the MEDIUM of hypertext.
  • ...and it's easy to lose sight of the fact that the LINKS are the big deal, and that the lattice of interconnections is really the important thing.
  • Multimedia is a grand frontier --but the legalities have to be made not-a-problem, AND users have to have reasonable access, in aural privacy. And so I'm curious about evolving earphone technologies...
  • Udell's piece underlines how important the information management tools are. The person who is putting togethehr a message with included AV links needs to be able to FIND AGAIN the source stuff. Udell emphasizes finding the extracts via indexed bloggings... but once again we note the vital importance of personal information management...

Posted by oook at August 6, 2004 11:52 AM