Here's the (now-closed) set of Delicious tags (a given item might have more than one tag):
aaaak/ aesthetics/ afghanistan/ AFP/ africa/ agriculture/ amazon/ americana/ animation/ anthropology/ apophenia/ Arab_world/ architecture/ archive/ arduino/ argybargy/ art/ astro/ audio/ automata/ autophagy/ Babbage/ backup/ bakery/ ballads/ banjo/ basketball/ beards/ beatbox/ Beatles/ bibliography/ bibliomania/ biology/ bloggery/ blues/ bookmarks/ books/ botany/ breakfast/ brucesterling/ caeras/ campaign08/ caricature/ cartography/ cartoon/ caveat/ census/ china/ Chinese/ chrestomathy/ chronology/ chronotope/ cider/ cinema/ citation/ cities/ civilwar/ classics/ climate/ cloudcomputing/ clowns/ CMP/ CNC/ coal/ cogdog/ collaboration/ collections/ collective_nouns/ comedy/ comics/ communication/ computing/ converters/ cooking/ copyright/ coulrophobia/ craft/ creativecommons/ culturewars/ curiosa/ cyberia/ dance/ data/ delicious/ demography/ Depression/ design/ development/ Devon/ dialects/ diasporas/ dictionaries/ disgrace/ disintermediation/ documentaries/ documents/ drawing/ drugs/ ebooks/ ecology/ economics/ ecosystemic/ education/ eigen/ empire/ energy/ engineering/ entrepreneurship/ ephemera/ epidemiology/ equus/ ethnicity/ ethnocalumny/ ethnography/ etymology/ euphemisms/ evolution/ Facebook/ fairuse/ family/ fewmets/ fiction/ filetype:gif/ filetype:mp3/ filetype:pdf/ film/ flickr/ folklore/ food/ footwear/ for:food/ foreclosures/ fractal/ frugality/ futurism/ gadgets/ Gaiman/ gears/ geekery/ generations/ genetics/ geography/ geology/ geopolitics/ geospatial/ gigapan/ global/ globalization/ google/ googleearth/ googlemaps/ graphic/ graphicnovels/ guitars/ gurning/ gutenberg/ H1N1/ haptics/ Harvard/ health/ Heikalo/ history/ html/ humanities/ Hungarian/ hypocrisy/ iconography/ illustrations/ image/ improv/ inkernet/ instruments/ interface/ interrogative/ ipad/ iraq/ irredentism/ istuff/ JaneAusten/ javascript/ journalism/ katebeaton/ kinetics/ klezmer/ kml/ Korea/ landscape/ language/ languages/ learning/ lemmings/ lenses/ lessig/ lexicography/ lexicon/ libraries/ Likembe/ limericks/ linguistics/ linkage/ literature/ lolcat/ LOTR/ Lovelace/ LuLu/ lyrics/ mailboxes/ Makeshift/ manifestos/ manuals/ map/ mapping/ mashup/ masks/ mathematics/ mayhem/ mechanism/ mechanisms/ media/ media:audio/ media:document/ media:image/ medical/ Melville/ mementomori/ memery/ menus/ metastuff/ meters/ migration/ millenarianism/ mobius/ money/ MontyPython/ movements/ mp3/ mugshot/ musics/ MySQL/ mythos/ Nacirema/ naidanac/ names/ narcissism/ Netflix/ network/ New_England/ news/ newspapers/ notes/ nova_scotia/ nuclear/ NYTimes/ oil/ onomastics/ OPAC/ opensource/ orangutan/ Oz/ P2P/ painting/ panopticon/ paradigm/ parody/ pdf/ PhD/ photography/ PHP/ physics/ phytogeography/ piracy/ podcasting/ poetry/ poets/ politics/ populatioon/ portraits/ pratitude/ preservation/ quantum/ quotations/ quotidian/ radio/ railroads/ reading/ recycling/ reference/ refugees/ regional/ rembetika/ reminiscence/ resistors/ rfid/ risibility/ robotics/ royals/ rss/ RTFM/ sago/ Sandman/ Sarawak/ satellites/ savants/ scale/ scams/ scarytrousers/ sciences/ scifi/ screencast/ sculpture/ search/ SEAsia/ security/ semanticweb/ semiotics/ sharing/ ships/ shipwrecks/ shopfront/ siblings/ Sidis/ signage/ SilkRoad/ snowshoes/ socialnetworks/ Somalia/ sound/ Southeast_Asia/ steampunk/ storage/ storytelling/ streamgraph/ streetart/ streetcars/ supercuts/ surnames/ sustainability/ syncretism/ tagcloud/ tagging/ tango/ taxonomy/ tea/ teaching/ technofutures/ technologies/ technology/ tedtalks/ text/ Thailand/ thanatos/ time/ timeline/ tools/ topography/ topology/ toponymy/ travel/ TSA/ tutorial/ twitter/ typography/ udell/ uhoh/ ukulele/ unix/ uprisings/ urbs/ url/ vaporware/ vernacular/ Victoriana/ video/ viral/ visualization/ vocal/ voices/ war/ water/ wayback/ WDJGrace/ weasels/ weather/ web2.0/ webstuff/ Weegee/ Weinberger/ wesch/ whoa/ whoknew/ whole-earth/ wholeearth/ wiki/ wikileaks/ wikipedia/ woo/ woodworking/ writing/ yearbook/ youtube/
It's possible to retrieve the blog postings tagged with the above descriptors by Searching via the box at the top of any blog page, all the way back to 2004! The archive pays off.

And here's the current (and open) set of Zotero Collection names (some items are in more than one collection):

Amanda Palmer/ anthro/ Aperture 3/ app making/ architecture vernacular/ argybargy/ art/ audio/ Austria/ automata/ bibliomania/ biography/ BrootPhoto/ Cambridge/ cartography/ chronos/ cloud backup/ coffee/ csv/ curiosa/ D800/ Debt Graeber/ Delicious/ delicious-zotero/ demography/ dragdis/ Dropbox/ education/ epidemiology/ episodes/ ePub/ Evernote/ exemplary/ family photo collections/ Fargo/ Firefox/ folklore/ food/ Forbrydelsen/ Game of Thrones/ Garageband/ Gardner Campbell/ genealogical/ Gephi/ Gilman books/ GIMP/ gmail/ Google utilities/ Google+/ graphics tools/ guitar/ hiking/ Hulu/ iFunBox/ iMac terminal/ ImageTools/ Internet Archive/ iPhone/ iStuff/ iTunes/ Kindle/ landscape/ language/ Linux/ luthierie/ Mac generalia/ Macbook Pro/ mando/ mapping/ metastuff/ mower/ museums/ music theory/ musics/ network/ Nikon/ Nova Scotia/ onomastics/ PCtools/ photography/ podcastery/ poetical/ Pratchett/ pronunciation/ quotes/ rembetika/ RSS/ Sarawak/ saz/ sci-fi/ science/ Shannon/ shop stuff/ software/ solar/ solar power/ SoundSlice/ spatial/ Spotify/ Sterling/ tablature/ taxes/ technology/ texts/ thanatos/ toponymy/ Turkey/ Turkish/ video/ webstuff/ WFMU/ wifi/ Windows XP/ WordPress/ YouTube/ Zotero/
Each of these descriptors is the tip of a narrative iceberg --there's a story or a damn saga behind each, though some are a lot deeper and more, well, entangled than others. They are all results of the "now where do I put THIS one?" dilemma: there being no place, gotta make one; gotta name it something descriptive or, better yet, resonant. Once instantiated, a category tends to accrue content because I'm at least subconsciously looking for more, and I do a lot of looking at and for stuff.