Home Kitchen Cafe
Rockland ME

It was about 4 years ago (Spring of 2016) that I put together Order Up! My Life and Times at Home Kitchen Cafe, celebrating about 6 years of the culinary magic of James Hatch.

Maestro Hatch

Since then I have continued to visit Home Kitchen Cafe at least weekly (my Visa report says 89 visits in 2019...) and I continue to be amazed at and delighted by the wonders that are placed before me. Never a missed step, always perfection. My Home Kitchen album at Flickr has nearly 500 pictures of plates and bowls consumed in the decade since Home Kitchen opened.

One-by-one photos are good as a record of passing moments, but lately I've been working at improving my chops with animated video, now using Adobe Premiere and gradually getting comfortable with its features and possibilities. It's also an opportunity to use some of my improv duets with Daniel Heïkalo as soundtracks. Here are the Home Kitchen documents, most recent (and most highly evolved) first:

Specials at Home Kitchen Cafe

The Scallops of St. James

Sure as Eggs is Eggs

Ken Burns Has Hash at Home Kitchen Cafe, Again and Again

the first Home Kitchen video (25 minutes, too long)