Rock Portraits on the St. George Peninsula
(and a few other places in Midcoast Maine)

Flickr Albums for quite a few expeditions
to Drift Inn and Marshall Point over the last 3 1/2 years:

and again Marshall Point, 23 March
Quick trip to Marshall Point, 22 March
Quick trip to Saltus beach, 21 March
Clark Island again, 20 March
Drift Inn, 19 March
Clark Island, 17 March
Drift Inn, 16 March
Drift Inn, 15 March
Drift Inn, 14 March
near Marshall Point, 11 March
Marshall Point 10 March
Marshall Point 7 March
Drift Inn and Marshall Point, 5 March
4 March at Drift Inn
Drift Inn 3 March
Drift Inn 2 March, very cold
Drift Inn sands (February 2021)
Willing faces into being (February 2021)
Drift Inn 17 February (February 2021)
February 12th at Drift Inn (February 2021)
Last day of January at Drift Inn (January 2021)
New Years Day at Drift Inn (January 2021)
Marshall Point 9 Nov (November 2020)
Equinox at Marshall Point (September 2020)
early September at Marshall Point (September 2020)
Drift Inn, 30 August (August 2020)
Drift Inn 27 May (May 2020)
After WYGIWYS (May 2020)

*****WYGIWYS: Exploring Morphic Resonance in Rock, Wood and Water*****

Today's Drift Inn harvest (June 2019)
Drift Inn today, redux (December 2019)

*****Elevenses *****

A trip to the Schoodic Peninsula (October 2019)
Today's Haul (October 2019)
Pemaquid funhouse (September 2019)
100 yards at Drift Inn (September 2019)
Marshall Point August 6 (August 2019)
Physiognomic best-of (many dates)
A new population from Karen and Robert's beach (October 2018)
Another afternoon at Drift Inn (October 2018)
Drift Inn revisit (October 2018)
Most definitely creatures (many dates)
May have creatures (many dates)
Trespasser (October 2018)
Sand and water at Drift Inn (October 2018)
It followed me home. Can I keep it? (October 2018)
Drift Inn with the Z7 (October 2018)
Today at Marshall Point (October 2018)
Drift Inn September 2018 (September 2018)

*****Just a Rock: a lithic menagerie*****

Rock Portraits from Great Wass Island (September 2017)
Drift Inn beach soon after sunrise (August 2017)
Pebble Beach tafoni (San Mateo County CA March 2011)