Stefanie Posavec

A discovery of 29 January, serendiptously as usual, via a link at Researching Benjamin:


Using the 'Literary Organism' / tree diagram method of visualising the structure of the text I have used before, I did the same with Walter Benjamin's essay 'Art in the age of mechanical reproduction'. The diagram is colour-coded according to the methods Benjamin used to argue his thesis.
and see also her talk on being a Data Illustrator, 45 golden minutes in which she describes and illustrates her work with "data as souvenir of human engagement"
8 min: Kerouac On The Road visualized at 10:10 (animation)
18:00 On the Origin of Species, in 6 editions
21:00 Stephen Fry autobiography app My Fry
29:00 Multiplication Waterfall
34:00 Obsession as design solution
and Harvard University Press blog entry