I wrote a LOT of haiku/senryu while hiking the AT in Maine in late summer 2002, on bits of folded paper as I walked. I transcribed them in chronological order on two 8 1/2 x 11 pads, probably 200+ in total. It's VERY hard to choose out 'best' or 'most representative' and each one calls up the memory of its creation (though not necessarily the precise locale). So here I am, setting out to go through and choose out some that Kate might find especially useful to ... ?illustrate the map? Or is it that I can save her time by narrowing the torrent a bit? And on what basis?

One of the axes of creation is a cleverness/wit dimension, and I'm unsure whether to suppress or feature that indulgence. Likewise, the obscurities of more than a few need some explanation if they're to be understood --or should I just shut up and let the reader find whatever?

anyway, I'll go through and transcribe a subset, starting with the Katahdin series from early August 2002

cascading order
rill brook stream branch and main stem
seeking the level

builders of stone steps
earn merit as each climber
toils up and leaps down

count ten thousand steps
pride in accomplishment: only
a four mile journey

transcendental pool
Henry David Thoreau drank
and then descended

ice placed the boulders
torrents smooth rocks in streambeds
stone on stone grinds sand

blueberries scent of balsam
wind across the lake

blessed hobblebush
caught at my ankle and held
while an eft escaped

moss seems so patient
dissolving its grey substrate
life green on cold rock

red squirrels and chipmunks
have a taste for hemlock cones
fragments on a rock

do roots feel anything
about hikers' feet? perhaps
tripping's fine revenge

sighted a cow moose
upon her own occasions
more graceful than I

esker and moraine
memory of ice to be
and ice long melted

no picturebook trees
each has distinct imbalance
its own history

human time wants life
to dance its measure: ice time
has a slower gait

blueberry season
puddle of spoor on the trail
incontinent bear

up Boardman Mountain
an insignificant bump
but how my heart pounds

ascending Whitecap
in rising sun, anxiously
counting hours to dusk

dance of steep descent
each step strategically placed
strict contingencies

is it that the stones
are mute, or is their discourse
below our threshold?

enough of these rocks
I want an effortless path
and the end in view

poles scratch parallels
in soft grey slate, numbering
those who have gone by

evaporative cooling
is what you get if
you just keep moving

yearling maple shoot
two tender leaves outspread
such promise such risk

two year maple shoot
more leaves more stems greater hope
a moose's breakfast

the longest ascent
may not be the hardest one
but I'm hoping so

rising from the lake
dual wake of floatplane's track
disappears from view

canted rocks are risks
and angular momentum
may not be your friend

what held together
all the things that fell apart
in ductape's absence?

you can hear jake brakes
long before you sight the road
from deep in the woods

was Basho's road smooth
from inn to inn or were there
many roots and stones?

'ursine' barely says
how Bruin's gait and bearing
shambles and grizzles

same river again
step in it at your peril
water has moved on

blackberries ripen
green to red and then to jet
in an August week

particolor'd leaves
harbingers of season's change
just a few today

blueberries fewer
than a week ago; smaller
am I ungrateful?

rock as dorsal fin
lithic leviathan sleeps
below the surface

a wind from the west
clears away the summer haze
whispering autumn

gravitas is what
poised rocks are filled with before
seeking depths below

trees grow and rocks split
what more do you want to know?
winter comes and goes

do stones hope to grow
into boulders and mountains?
sand a surer fate

caresser, cleaver
polisher, tumbler, shifter
water over rock

red trillium red
advertising red seed red
red edible red

left ten thousand years
glacial erratic awaits

rocks poised for flight will descend
nowhere else to go

what a strategy
seeds packed in bright-colored pod
wait to be eaten

crossing an esker
finger of sand left behind
by an icy hand

early departure
leaf and branch shining with dew
mist rising in sun

the goal of it all?
just to keep moving forward
eyes and ears open

blue seen through the trees
suggests the summit is near
breathe more easily

a step, then a slip
a palpable snap and pain
limping, regretting

Basho sought balance
curling his toes around stones
at river crossings

Caratunk fleshpots
entice through hikers to sin:
dawdle and delay

Basho's stick left marks
tracing the way of his path
rain washed them away

rockhopper's cadence
is the art of equipoise:
where to put each foot

gravity's promise:
eventually downward
into the valley

club moss gathering
heads nod: agreed agenda
stay here, keep growing

leaves dry and shrivel
sun-catching done for the year
born again in spring

cloven hoof in muck
guess the weight of its maker
hope it's just a moose

East Carry Pond: feet
in clear water, on a rock

above the treeline
walk carefully step lightly
absorb the marvel

one maple branch
aflame among all the green
soon more will follow

days are shorter now
hobblebush leaves' progression
droop, dry, wilt and curl

jaunty bunchberry
like cherries on Grandma's hat
defying winter

breathe in the present
taste and savor its essence
you may find its words

gaze across the lake
misty far shore horizon
expect a loon's call

some buried acorns
forgotten by their hoarders
will burst forth next spring

enveloped in cloud
the mountainside echoes with
silence of owl's wings

red fanfaronade
orange drumroll yellow flags
autumn marches forth

the last mile in Maine
how fitting that it's up, up
test for knees and will
A series:

well, I could explain
each cast has clear origin
in mind, eye and ear

would explaining help?
these are what I saw, and said
puzzles to others

others may puzzle
sometimes struck by an image
sometimes too Delphic

petite enigmas
and personal imagery
rarely public: good

read multiple ways
some perhaps not intended
lexical prisms
and one last:

haiku bind my words
netsuke harness cords and belts
just decoration?