> Here, posted via the Folk Roots magazine string-and-cocoa-tins
> connection to the information micro-bypass (over there to the left,
> near the fridge), is Hijaz Mustapha's answer to requests for a
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> LP/CD/Cassette on GlobeStyle Records:-
>    Shopping  (ORB/CDORB/ORBC 022) 1987
>    Heart Of Uncle  (ORB/CDORB/ORBC 043) 1989
>    Soup Of The Century  (FEZ/CDFEZ/FEZC 004)  1990
>    Friends, Fiends & Fronds  (CDORBD/ORBC 070) 1991 (a special
>      compilation release gathering all singles, remixes, rarities and
>      2 brand new tracks recorded for this item!)
> Mini-Albums on GlobeStyle Records:-
>    Bam!  (FEZ 001)  1985
>    L'Orchestre Bam De Grand Mustapha International & Party Play
>      Local Music  (FEZ 002)  1986
>    (These mini-albums will be released back-to-back on CD one day)
> 12" Singles on GlobeStyle Records (there have also been some 7"):-
>    Si Vous Passez Par La/ Maldita Guajira/ Starehe Mustapha 1, 2 & 3
>      (NST 111)
>    Shouffi Rhirou/ Voulez-Vous Danser?/ Darling Don't Say No (NST120)
>    Linda Linda (special longer mix)/ Linda, Linda (Szegerelymegarely
>      mix)/ Kopanitsa  (NST 121)
>    DJ Trouble Fezz meets 3 Mustaphas 3: Fiz'n/ Xamenhi Evtexia/
>      Kopanitsa  (NST 126)
>    Buke e Kripe Ne Vater Tone/ Soba Song/ Anapse To Cigaro (Special
>      Smoking Mixture)  (NST 133)
> LP on Exil Records (Germany) drawn from John Peel radio broadcasts:-
>    From The Balkans To Your Heart - The Radio Years (EXIL 5507)
> There are also other recordings on compilation LPs in UK and Germany,
> and other releases worldwide, all licensed from GlobeStyle (albums
> on Epic/Sony in Japan; Phonogram in Germany; Omnium, Shanachie and
> Rykodisc in USA, single tracks on other international compilations).
> Special tracks for Mustaphamaximalists:-
>    A Chilling Tale No.6: Harcourt Drowned/Troublesome Water
>      - recorded for "Out On The Rolling Sea", the Joseph Spence
>      Tribute album on Hokey Pokey (UK)/ Green Linnet (USA) 1994
>    Speed The Traktor - recorded for the Folk Roots magazine
>      compilation album "Square Roots", 1987
> Pirate recordings of the group also exist which exchange hands
> for enormous sums.
> Various long-playing Mustaphas appear on:-
> Stella Chiweshe & The Earthquake: Ambuya (GlobeStyle ORB 029) 1989
> Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyateh & The Jali Roll Orchestra: Jali Roll (Rogue
>   UK/ Omnium USA) 1990
> Rinken Band: Rikka (Wave, Japan) 1991
> Tarika Sammy: Fanafody (Rogue UK/ Green Linnet USA) 1992
> Sabah Habas Mustapha has his No.1 solo album Den Pasar Moon
> released in Japan (Wave), Germany (Piranha) and Indonesia (Puspita).
> He was awarded the great distinction of 'composer of the best
> Indonesian traditional song 1994' for Den Pasar Moon.
> Sabah Habas Mustapha is producer of (among other things) Klezmatics:
> Rhythm & Jews / Ali Hassan Kuban: Walk Like A Nubian / Stella
> Chiweshe. He's also doing 'Sabah Unplugged' performances with his
> comfortable trio. They can appear in your living room if funding (plus
> your own armchair) is available.
> Hijaz Mustapha can be heard hidden on Khaled's N'ssi N'ssi album (on
> one track for about 14 seconds) and on the recent Pogues album sawing
> violins in half. He has been producer on (among other things) Varttina:
> Seleniko / Tarika Sammy: Fanafody / Boiled In Lead: Orb / Dembo
> Konte, Kausu Kuyateh & The Jali Roll Orchestra: Jali Roll / Dembo
> Konte, Kausu Kuyateh & Mawdo Suso: Jaliology / Rinken Band: Rikka /
> Klezmatics: Jews With Horns / Ferus Mustafov: King Ferus / Salamat
> with Les Musiciens Du Nil: Salam Delta / Tiger Moth: Howling Moth.
> Hijaz and Sabah Habas wandered Indonesia, meeting, greeting and
> recording with local Mustaphas (broadcast as a BBC Andy Kershaw
> session in 1994)
> Oussack has bought a new name and has infiltrated the roots rocky
> world as the one known simply as Chopper in the Oyster Band. Chopper/
> Oussack
> and Wild Slim Mustapha bi-participated in the legendary
> Mighty Clouds Of Dust "Champion The Wonder Horse" EP (Rogue) and
> the rarely lamented Harringay Modal Rounders.
> Niaveti is lying low in south Germany awaiting the call. He guested on
> brother Isfa'ani's recent album. Isfa'ani has been appearing barely
> disguised with Arabo-Celtic combo Noor Shimal.
> Uncle is still very Uncle. Many research jobs. Can be reached on the
> internet. He will answer questions of a difficult nature. After a secret
> life in many international popular musical ensembles of fame, is
> currently engaged in Shriekback.
> Kemo and Hijaz wandered around Albania in 1994, and then joined
> Uncle on the Joseph Spence item mentioned above. Kemo and Houzam
> also joined Sabah Habas on stage in his comfortable trio.
> Houzam is composing theme tunes (and incidental music) for German
> TV daily soap operas. Although basically being paid in cash, he also
> receives a percentage of the unused soap left over from each day's
> shooting which he sends back to the Crazy Loquat Bar, Szegerely, to
> be used in its washrooms and cocktails. An international magazine -
> not Time, but similar - recently described the Crazy Loquat Bar as
> "Szegerely's famed bar of soap".
> Expensive is too costly to mention here.
> Lavra is still singing, but is devoting her time to the raising of
> Mustapha: The Next Generation.
> The 3 Mustaphas 3 concert fee has gone up this year (1995) by the
> annual certified increment of US$5,000. Every year up it goes by the
> $5,000. It is Uncle's First Law Of Economic Inexorability (discovered
> in 1991). This makes current show fee US$30,000. You could probably
> have 2 shows for $30,000: the costly things - as in any adventure -
> are the startings-ups.
> Dictated by Hijaz Mustapha.
> Typos and creative embellishments by Jali Roll Martian
> Send additions and writs to Hijaz c/o froots@cityscape.co.uk